Before you book a session, you MUST read clearly INTEREST , ETIQUETTE , and FAQ .

I feel it’s not respectful if you ask questions that are already answered on my website. In order to book a session, you must fill out the form below. Once you've submitted the form, I will reply back to you when I can. I do not accept all application. If you’re not following my instructions or you’re disrespectful, there is not your name on my calendar.

What you need to write in the message;

  • A bit about yourself (name, age, location, etc.)

  • your fantasies

  • your BDSM experience & interests & limits



December 16 - January 8


Do you have any questions before you book the session?

REAd faq before you submit the enquiry form.


Once you apply for a session, it means you already read all the information given on my website and you agreed with everything written on my website.