When I first saw Goddess on her website, I hesitated for days whether to call. She looked so beautiful I didn't think she was real. When I met her in person I realized the photos don't do her justice she is stunning from the top of her head to her tiny perfect size 2 feet so beautiful it is a torture in itself, keeping my hands to myself, for which transgression I have been summarily punished and the eyes, when she looks into my eyes I see mesmerizing dark sparkling pools of mischief, I am just putty in her hands.

Meeting her each time just keeps getting better. The first time I met Goddess, I was being relatively inexperienced, very nervous, I was soon made at ease by her friendly manner, and before I knew it she had me strapped to a spanking bench with her smile getting bigger as my ass got redder. 

Following Goddess in this journey of pain and pleasure, where she is definitely leading and I'm following Goddess likes to see how far she can go, apparently knowing what I like, and how far to push, knows which buttons to press and how hard to press them. Goddess is full of surprises the mix of pain and pleasure is perfect Goddess has a great imagination she has used toys on me I did not even imagine existed. 

One of the best things, I can see and hear she is enjoying herself, which is a big turn on for me. 

Summing up she is great, if I were a millionaire I would never be able to stay away, maybe I should kidnap her? 

I can't wait till I see her again


As a novice to BDSM I was quite nervous about my first few sessions with Goddess Seira, but that nervousness soon turned to ease as the play began. Goddess Seira was understanding and soon understood my experience level and what I was seeking. As a novice, I was pleasantly surprised by the range of activities enjoyed and how Goddess Seira tailored each session to be different yet accessible.

The session first began with footworship, and I was soon collared and put in my place underneath Goddess. I was forced to kneel and worship Goddess Seira's slender legs which were enveloped in silky rich stockings. As I soon proved my worth through worship, I was allowed to kiss Goddesses' feet, and soon allowed the privilege of massaging them also.

However, my efforts were not good enough. After the initial footworshiping session I was blindfolded and led to a St. Andrews cross where I was bound from hands to feet. Goddess then proceeded to punish me with a variety of implements, including floggers, crops, and paddles. Her strokes were aggressive yet compassionate as I was punished for being a useless slave. After my behind and back were nice and red, Goddess thought I was becoming too curious and decided to blindfold me. Being deprived of sight I was untied and made to turn around so Goddess could clamp my balls and nipples. As she played with my balls, Goddess used a variety of weights and clamps to punish me further for being a bad slave. Needless to say, pain was pleasure in this instance and I was soon begging for more.

To finish off, Goddess freed me but kept my hands bound. I was made to kneel in front of Goddesses' beautiful heels and was handed a vibrator. I was teased and teased until I could stand no more. When Goddess finally allowed me to finish I was gasping for breathe and in extacy. Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend Goddess Seira. Especially for a beginner, she soon grasped my experience level and was both understanding yet strict in our play.


I started this session kneeled and naked in front of the couch. Goddess Seira was enjoying and laughing with a friend drinking a cup of tea. She just ordered me with her powerful and charming voice to remove all my clothes and be ready to serve them. They were wearing elegant and classy dresses and majestic heels.

As soon as they saw me naked they started laughing at me. My goddess kept explaining how much convenient is to own a personal slave. 

I kneeled at their feet cleaning their shoes and worship them. Goddess Seira knew very well how to humiliate me. From every word she said I could feel her superior attitude that made me so poor. This session has been perfect. I could feel myself completely under her power, humiliated at her feet.

They kept having fun of me for the rest of the session ordering me to bark or to be their footstool. I have been leashed and abused.

I couldn't experience a lower and intense session than this.


slave I

Hi Goddess, I just want to say thank you again for a truly amazing session. I’m still smiling thinking about it. Everything you did today was breathtaking. I’m already looking forward to the next session in the new year.

slave L

I am sorry I did not catch you in time. Now I have an excuse to see you again… Not that I need an excuse, you were spectacular in every way! You are elegant and beautiful, friendly and professional, strict and sexy. You were perfect. I can’t wait to see you again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for an outstanding experience.

slave J

Dear Goddess Seira, I really enjoyed our session today. I wanted it to go on forever! You are really beautiful, which makes it easy to want to serve you. And fun - the way you giggled when you were pegging my ass. I just wish I could have looked into your eyes when you were doing that. And those eyes - it was all I could do not to kiss you when you put your head close to mine. But I know if I had I would have been in so much trouble! As you said, I need training. So thank you so much. Until the next time.

slave K


your slave was so happy and absorbed under Your Gorgeous and beautiful Feet. Your slave enjoyed kissing and licking your toes and soles. I worship your Gorgeous feet , so tasty and  beautiful aroma .. loved so much sniffing your beautiful feet...and being on a collar on my knees in front of such a BEAUTIFUL GODDESS. GODDESS GOLDEN SYRUP that I drunk all without spilling was so tasty and good. your  slave is trembling as he thinks about is Goddess. can't wait to come and be under your feet again 

Your slave