When we are having a session, I expect you to obey my rules. If I see you are being rude and not following my instructions, be aware that I will end the session early. Even if you beg me and ask me to forgive you, it’s too late. I do not expect to have any disobedient slaves in my session.  


You’re not sure how to address me? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the answer. You are allowed to address me as Goddess, Empress or Queen.


When you submit your booking enquiries, detail your interests, experience, and the fetishes you would like to explore (if you already have some idea of what you may enjoy). Also inform me of your limits as specifically as possible, so that I can create safe and fun sessions. You should tell me your triggers or phobias if you have any. The session will start with a short conversation about your interests and limits so that I can get to know more about you, especially if you’re new to me. Your first session will be mostly mild, so you have no need to be scared to see me for the first time. After we have known each other a while, we can discuss or you can suggest more fetishes if you want to test your boundaries.


Safe word: As a precaution that any activity during the session may be overwhelming for you, I do provide a “safe word”. It doesn’t mean I end the session, but I will lower the intensity or move on to the next activity. If you feel you are not able to continue a session and want to discontinue the session, you can let me know. 


Cleanliness: To give me a good first impression, take a shower before the session and make sure that every part of your body smells good, including your breath. What if you can’t take a shower before a session because you are coming immediately after work? There is a bathroom at the dungeon, so you can have a shower when the situation doesn’t allow you to do it before coming to see me. Then you will have less time to worship me.


Early or late arrival: I do expect you to arrive on time. If you come earlier, you will just be facing the door until booking time. If you’re late, you will have less time to worship me.


Tributes: Tributes are required upon arrival, and it will be nice if you bring it in an envelope. If you fail to pay tribute upon arrival, I will ask you to give it to me. Tributes for sessions outside of London must be paid in advance via bank transfer or Circle pay.


Deposits: I require a 50% deposit when you book a session. I require it to secure my time and your attendance. It can be made via bank transfer or Circle pay or tribute section on my website. Be aware if you want to pay via my website (tribute section), I require you to pay £30 extra fee. Write ‘your first name’ and ‘date of session(DD/MM)’ on the reference / description. Do not write any other kinky words such as ‘your slave’ on the reference. Do remember, follow my instruction.

Manner of payment deposits: After I send you payment details, you must make a deposit within 2 days. It’s disrespectful of you to delay making the payment without giving me a good reason in a timely manner. I’m a busy Goddess. I won’t allow you to take time that other slaves could have. I will not trouble you to pay. If you fail to make payment within 2 days after I sent you payment details, you may assume that you have already lost the honour to be used by me. If you send a deposit after 2 days, I will assume it is tribute made for your apology. If you have any reason why you need to delay making payment in a timely manner, you must explain it to me before your two days expire. This will help make you a well-mannered slave. I maintain the prerogative to allow you to make late payments, but not only do I reserve the right, it is my pleasure to decide when you may make payment. I don’t like slaves who are not well-mannered.

Cancellation or rescheduling:  You should notify me at least 1 week before our session if you need to reschedule the session. Otherwise, you’ll lose your deposit and a chance to see me again. If you cancel the session, you will lose your deposit and a chance to see me again. It is bad manners to cancel and deprives my other royal lucky slaves a chance to be used by me. However, I understand sometimes unexpected things happen, so you may wish to reschedule the session within 1 week. While you may still have a chance to see me again, your deposit is not refundable.


I DO NOT allow any alcohol or drug use prior to a session as I expect you to have a clear head and understanding of what will and will not be taking place during your time with me.