How much is your Tribute?

Ask ME when you submit your booking enquiry.

What is it going to happen if I try to negotiate the tributes?
I’ll ignore your email. If you beg ME to have a session after your mistake, I may consider allowing you to see ME, but with a higher tribute.

If I can’t afford your tributes?

Being used by ME is a huge honour. If your budget is too small to afford MY tribute, save money and enquire again.

How can you book time with me?

Go to Booking and fill out the form. Once you've submitted the form, I will reply you when I can. Do not expect to receive MY reply, if you haven't followed my instructions. I expect you’re well-mannered and polite in all conversation. Then, you can pay your deposit for booking your secure space. You pay remaining tribute when you come to worship ME or directly pay via bank transfer before session. I expect you will bring the tribute in an envelope.

How long do you recommend for a first session?

Be aware that 1h session is short. To bring you deeper into your fantasies, I recommend 1.5h or 2h session for the first session. Otherwise, I will have you completely under MY control for a short but intense time.

Do you accept same day booking?

No, I don’t accept same day booking. You must book the session in advance.

Can I have a session with you even if I’m not into pain?

Yes, you can have a session without pain. There are lots of subs who don’t enjoy pain and want to be humiliated by ME or want to worship ME.

Is it okay if I can’t be marked?

It is ME rule that I do NOT leave a mark on any subs.

Can I have a session with you even if I’m an inexperienced sub?
Yes, you can do it. I understand you may be nervous, if you’re inexperienced. We’ll have a chat at the beginning of the session, so it will help you feel relaxed. The sessions will start at mild levels.

Do you have sessions with female subs?
Yes, I also enjoy having sessions with female subs.

Do you allow slaves to orgasm during sessions?
Only when I want. It depends on MY mood.

Do you do online sessions?
No, I only do real-time sessions.

Do you accept an outcall?
Yes, if I already know you and we have already sessioned at least once at a dungeon. For the first timers, I require references from other Mistresses. I expect you to pay extra to cover MY travel and accommodation expenses when I am travelling to you.

Are you accepting personal slaves?
I’m not looking for personal slaves currently. When I am ready for personal slaves, I’ll post on MY website.

Can I ask you to do a photoshoot with me?
Provide details of the proposed photoshoot via email. I may consider it, if it sounds interesting.

What if I see you outside of dungeon by accident? Are you going to protect my privacy? What should I do?

Don’t be panic, I’ll protect your privacy. I will NOT approach you and say “Hi, slave”. You can keep having a good time with your company. I expect you also have a same level of circumspection.

Can I buy you gifts or send you tributes(money)?
You will have opportunities to provide me enchanting days by sending ME gifts or tributes. Enquire ME for details.

How long will it take to receive the purchased items?

It may take 2-3 working days within London, UK. If you want to receive earlier, enquire ME.

Can I track the purchased items?

Yes, you can track it.

What is the process of purchasing your items?

Once you submit a purchasing enquiry, I’ll reply to you with a total price including postage fee. I need your first & last name and your home address. If you want to keep your privacy, you can let ME know the address of your safe place where another person can receive your item. However, I still need to know the first & last name of the recipient. Just to warn, it’s not MY responsibility if you lose the items, when you provide the address of other places, not your home address, and other people’s name, not your name.

Can I choose the color of your thong or panties when I purchase?

You will receive what I send.

How long does Goddess Seira enjoy a massage at the salon?

Usually 1h 30m or 2h.

Which area should I buy for your spa or massage voucher?

Central London (Mayfair & Westminster to Whitechapel) should be fine. Can cover up to the Canary Wharf area.

How can I give you gifts?

you are allowed to take ME out for shopping. I expect you to spend more than £300 for MY gifts. you can enquire through HERE. OR you can bring the gifts when you come to serve ME.